Interior & Exterior Painting in Waco, TX

Interior & exterior painting services you can trust

The paint on the exterior of your Waco, TX structure is faded and chipped. From the outside, you’d never be able to tell the property is home to a forward-thinking business. Update the appearance of your property with a professional paint job. Paul Richard Remodeling offers exterior and interior painting services for commercial and residential clients.

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3 good reasons to paint your Waco home

A little paint can go a long way on your property. If your home or business is in dire need of new paint, Paul Richard Remodeling is the company to call. Schedule a professional painting service with us to:

  1. Protect your siding from the elements
  2. Change the mood of an interior space
  3. Give your home a clean, updated look
Consult with Paul Richard Remodeling about painting the interior or exterior of your home.