Should I plan more money than the contract price?

*yes, you should always have a contingency of at least 10% of the job cost

Is working with a professional remodeler worth the money?

*It is your one stop shop, from demo, plumbing, electrical, framing etc. it's all in one. Every tradesman and helper has proven themselves through reliability and quality of workmanship. There are no worries as far as the integrity of this establishment and its family of tradesman. Having to look for those traits in each sub can be time consuming and a bad experience. However, if you have the time, patience and money then hiring a Remodeling Contractor may not be for you.

When is the best time to remodel my home?

*Anytime is a good time. As long as we can plan accordingly there isn't a such thing as a bad time.

What is the process for a remodeling project?

*Put together the scope of work. Set a time frame. Organize each tradesmans time and objective. Order materials and dumpsters. Pull the trigger and over see each trade and make changes and adjustments accordingly until the job is done. Do a final walk through. Address any issues that may have been overlooked and then call it a done job!

Do I have to worry about any permits?

*The scope of work will determine what permits will need to be pulled.

What sets Paul Richard Remodeling apart from other remodeling companies in Waco?

*We want to provide an exceptional project management experience while achieving a superior finished product. Of course everyone needs to make money but it's not just about making money and finishing the job but the experience as well.

Typically, what is the most expensive room to remodel?

*Kitchen and bathrooms.

If you had one piece of advice for homeowners looking to remodel, what would it be?

*Never cut corners to save money. It always comes back to haunt you in the long run.